Different cultures follow their own special customs when a child"s baby teeth fall out. In Korea, for example, they have the custom of throwing lost teeth up on the roof of a house. According lớn tradition, a magpie will come và take the tooth. Later, the magpie will return with a new tooth for the child. In other Asian countries, such as nhật bản and Vietnam, children follow a similar tradition of throwing their lost teeth onto the roofs of houses.

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Birds aren"t the only animals thought khổng lồ take lost teeth. In Mexico & Spain, tradition says a mouse takes a lost tooth & leaves some money. However, in Mongolia, dogs are responsible for taking teeth away. Dogs are highly respected in Mongolian culture and are considered guardian angels of the people. Tradition says that the new tooth will grow good & strong if the baby tooth is fed khổng lồ a guardian angel. Accordingly, parents in Mongolia will put their child"s lost tooth in a piece of meat và feed it lớn a dog.The idea of giving lost teeth to an angel or fairy is also a tradition in the West. Many children in Western countries count on the Tooth Fairy khổng lồ leave money or presents in exchange for a tooth. The exact origins of the Tooth Fairy are a mystery, although the story probably began in England or Ireland centuries ago. According to tradition, a child puts a lost tooth under his or her pillow before going khổng lồ bed. In the wee hours, while the child is sleeping, the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth & leaves something else under the pillow. In France, the Tooth Fairy leaves a small gift. In the United States, however, the Tooth Fairy usually leaves money. These days, the rate is $1 to $5 per tooth, adding up khổng lồ a lot of money from the Tooth Fairy!
According khổng lồ the passage, which of the following is NOT true about the tradition of tooth giving in the West?

A. Children give money lớn the Tooth Fairy.

B. Children put their lost teeth under their pillows.

C. Children hope to get money or gifts from the Tooth Fairy.

D. Lost teeth are traditionally given to lớn an angel or fairy.


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