once & for all

Permanently. Tom went back lớn the outpost to settle his feud once and for all. The president is hoping to lớn silence critics once and for all with this latest law.See also: all, and, once

once và for all

finally; permanently. Sue: I"m going to get this place organized once và for all! Alice: That"ll be the day! "We need lớn get this straightened out once và for all," said Bob, for the fourth time today.See also: all, and, once

once và for all

As a settled matter, finally, permanently, as in Once và for all, we"re not hiring that organist again, or We"ve settled that question once & for all. This expression is in effect an abbreviation for "one time và for all time." See also: all, and, once

once & for all (or once for all)

now and for the last time; finally.See also: all, and, once

ˌonce và for ˈall

finally and definitely: I’ve decided once and for all that this thành phố is not the place for me.See also: all, and, once

once and for all

Finally and decisively. This phrase, literally meaning “this one final time which will serve forever,” dates from the fifteenth century. The earliest appearance in print is in William Caxton’s translation of the Foure Sonnes of Aymon (ca. 1489): “We oughte lớn ask it of hym ones for all.”See also: all, and, onceSee also:

once và for all

permanently I told him once và for all that I would not take the new job.

once and for all|once

adv. Phr. 1. One time & never again; without any doubt; surely; certainly; definitely. Let me say, for once và for all, you may not go lớn the các buổi tiệc nhỏ Saturday. For once and for all, I will not go swimming with you. 2. Permanently. Bill và Tom asked the teacher to settle the argument once & for all. The general decided that two bombs would destroy the enemy & end the war once & for all.

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on your uppers on your/its last legs on your/the/its way on/along the lines of... On/at the stroke of eight, midnight, etc.

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On/off duty on/off message on/off the air on/off the radar on/off the/somebody's books on/onto the defensive on/through the grapevine on/to the verge of something/of doing something on/under oath on/under pain of something once once (the) word gets out once a (something), always a (something) once a priest, always a priest once a something, always a something once a whore, always a whore once a..., always a... Once again once again/once more once & again once & for all once and future once bitten, twice shy once hell freezes over once in a xanh moon once in a lifetime once in a while once more once or twice once over lightly once the dust has settled once too often once upon a time once you go black, you never go back once-in-a-lifetime chance once-in-a-lifetime experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunity once-in-a-lifetime situation once-over once-over-lightly one one (thing) after the other one after another one after another/the other one age with (someone) one & all on the whole on the wing on the wrong track on time on đứng đầu on vị trí cao nhất of on trial on-again, off-again once và for all once in a xanh moon once in a while once upon a time once-over one và the same one damn thing after another one eye on one foot in the grave từ dồng nghĩa once and for all các từ trái nghĩa của tự once và for all tu dong nghia once and for all trường đoản cú trái nghĩa cùng với Once & for all once và for allt trái nghĩa đồng nghĩa once and for all one and for all là gì nghĩa của từ once and for all once and for all là gì once và for all bởi với đồng nghĩa tương quan của once and for all nghĩa từ" once & for all" - tự đồng nghĩa, cách dùng từ tựa như Thành ngữ, châm ngôn once and for all